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March 31st, 2010 posted by Helen Jack

Hopefully most of you subscribe to Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation‘s newsletter – if not, get on the mailing list. For those who aren’t already signed up,  you may not have heard about Good Screenings, a new revolutionary film distribution system based on the model set up by Franny Armstrong and Lizzie Gillett for their doc The Age of Stupid. BRITDOC – who manage Good Screenings for Franny and Lizzie – saw this as a great opportunity to get campaign docs to a wider audience. It’s really exciting stuff.  By making it easier for people to hold screenings in their church hall, school assembly, board meeting or barn, Good Screenings facilitates community action and allows these social justice films to grow roots and flourish.

The website launched on 24 March and provides a selection of award-winning films, including The Yes Men Fix the World, The End of The line and Moving to Mars. Each month more films are added giving audiences the kind of choice they’re after. It’s really easy – just sign up for a license online, then with their simple booking system on the website they calculate how much it would cost to screen the film of your choice film, depending on who is watching, how many are expected and the location of screening. This project is really about putting your money where your mouth is. If organisations like BRITDOC are funding campaign docs, then the whole point is to get those films seen by as many people as possible. It’s about educating the masses. This can only happen if control is handed back to audiences.

Wow – sounds like a socialist manifesto! And it’s only 11am.

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