This pitching competition – clarification

November 5th, 2008 posted by Rebecca Frankel

There have been a lot of questions about this Passat Pitching competition and how it works to win the £5000. So, here is the deal. You can do whatever you want, as long as you submit a visual clip up to 3 minutes (it can be shorter if you want though), which gives us an idea of the longer film you want to make. You can provide something like a taster tape, introducing a character or scene, or you can do a photomontage and explain the story, or you can animate a few key moments against a soundtrack. Just imagine that this is the only means you have available to communicate what you want to do, the kind of film you are hoping to make and what it might look like.

You can pitch ANY KIND OF DOCUMENTARY FILM, any style, any subject matter, set in any country. It must somehow be connected to the theme of ‘Beautifully Engineered’ though. Remember, you can creatively connect nearly any story in the world to this theme. If not through the topic, perhaps through the way you might structure the film?

It doesn’t matter if you have started filming already, or if it’s a gem of an idea that you know you could do justice to. The point is to express your intentions within a film format, rather than on a piece of paper, or a chat over tea. Make a clip, upload it and email over the link to with ‘Beautifully Engineered’ in the title line. Entries need to be in by 6pm on 28th of November 2008. The winner will get £5000 to spend on a camera of their choice. I’d be choosing the Sony Z7 I think, how about you?

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1,177 Responses to “This pitching competition – clarification”

  1. Johnny Saunderson says:

    I’ve been trying to submit an entry to your Beautifully Engineered competition. Every time I email you, the email is returned to me, undelivered. Time is running out! Incidentally, a Sony Z7 would be my last choice – think Panasonic P2.

  2. Hi Johnny, if you are having trouble with, you can email me direct on
    Looking forward to seeing your entry, and thanks for camera choice tip…

  3. Rita Ribas says:

    Hi, my subject is based in another country and since I’m not going there anytime soon I would like to supplement my existing visual material with a few images collected from the internet (mostly of landscapes, not people) but was wondering if I still need to get permission from the sources of all of these images so that I can include them in my pitch?

  4. Steve Evans says:

    Can I make just a verbal pitch or does there have to be visual material as well?

  5. There should be visual material – I don’t want to see you talking into camera and just explaining your idea in words.