Bursary winners announced – 8!

November 23rd, 2008 posted by Rebecca Frankel

We got lots of very high quality entries to the FourDocs bursary scheme.  After looking through the applications I was totally impressed with the dedication of people who get out there and actually make films, instead of talking about it.

Some people had been filming a subject for years, others became so obsessed with an idea they just had to make it, and another decided to make a personal investigation about their heritage into a film.  What we were looking for, as stated in the T’s & C’s, was strong visual ideas that stand a good chance of being selected at film festivals.  We had a difficult time with the judging, because there were so many deserving projects that £1,000 would really help elevate. In the end, we actually decided to give to out eight bursaries to films that were all fairly advanced (ie most of the filming had already happened), made by filmmakers with a broad range of backgrounds, including artists and an actor, as well as seasoned doc makers. The winners are:

  • I Won’t Go – Georgina Hurcombe
  • The Blanket Men – Barry Curran
  • We Rob Banks – Nicola Harman
  • Down and Out – Chris Martin
  • Way of The Morris – Tim Plester
  • The Reapers – Jacob Cartwright & Nick Jorden
  • The First Day – Hannah Skrinar
  • Of Kings and Queens – Ian McDonald
I’ll be writing more about each project in detail over the next few weeks.  Sorry to everyone who wasn’t successful, and remember – you still have until the end of this week to enter the Passat online pitching competition to win £5k for a camera.  I’m off to IDFA tomorrow morning, but am on email if you have any urgent queries about what you need to submit (a visual pitch/taster up to three minutes long).  If there are any problems with fourdocs@channel4.com, you can drop me a line – rebecca.frankel@magiclantern.co.uk


1,066 Responses to “Bursary winners announced – 8!”

  1. Georgina Hurcombe says:

    I am delighted to have won The Busary and the support from FourDocs will make all the difference to my Documentary ‘I Won’t Go’

    Thanks FourDocs !

    Georgina Hurcombe

  2. abhi says:

    Congratulations to all the winners!